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Public Policy


Working to build better regions through public policy is an important focus of Ohio’s regional planning and development organizations. By bringing together public and private sector, government and non-profit, and citizens and stakeholders, Ohio’s regional planning and development organizations serve as a catalyst for creating innovative, collaborative public policy solutions to address our local and state challenges. The public policy work is designed to be proactive and provide new policies that enhance the quality of life in Ohio’s regions but also specifically address issues in the areas of transportation, environment, housing, energy, economic development, elderly, local food production and land use.

OARC Public Policy Agenda

The 24 OARC member agencies represent more than 10 million Ohio citizens, and the OARC Public Policy Agenda guides the decision making of those agencies.

Ohio Commission on Local Government Reform and Collaboration

OARC served on the Commission on Local Government Reform and Collaboration, created by the General Assembly in 2008 to develop recommendations for how local governments can more effectively collaborate and how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local government operations, thereby reducing costs to taxpayers and helping to facilitate economic development in Ohio. The Commission met between 2009 and 2010 throughout the state and released a final report in 2010. One of the recommendations by the Commission was that Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) be given a formalized role in state government, as they are federally recognized agencies under direction of elected officials that currently fulfill regional roles related to transportation, land use and environmental issues.