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Ohio's Appalachian Local Development Districts

Four of OARC's member agencies (Buckeye Hills Regional Council, Eastgate, OMEGA & OVRDC) serve as Local Development Districts (LDD) for 32 of Ohio's Applachian counties.

Ohio's Appalachian counties cover an area larger than Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined; they make up 17% of Ohio's population and cover 36% of Ohio's geography.

2017_Return_on_Investment_Page_01In 2017, Ohio’s LDDs administered 52 projects with $47,171,621 in total project costs (including $10,100,057 in federal and state investments) that resulted in 447 new jobs and 2,061 jobs retained.

Ohio’s Local Development Districts accomplish this by fostering partnerships among local governments, building public-private alliances and making strategic investments. The four Local Development Districts work to achieve the greatest impact leveraging limited resources to bring more funding into the Region. Ohio's Local Development Districts secured $34.91 in direct Appalachian project dollars for every $1 spent on administration. 

Download the 2016 Appalachian Assistance Grant Programs Return on Investment Report

Download the 2015 Impact Report

Download the 2014 Impact Report

Serving the Appalachian Region of Ohio

Ohio's Local Development Districts serve 32 counties in the Appalachian area of the state. The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is a federal-state partnership that works with the people of Appalachia to create opportunities for self-sustaining economic development and improved quality of life. The LDDs are responsible for administering the ARC grant program across the region. The program goals are to:

  • increase job opportunities and per capita income;
  • increase capacity to compete in a global economy;
  • improve and develop infrastructure;
  • develop the Appalachian highway system.

By creating or retaining jobs, providing access to education or training, increasing availability to water and sanitary sewer services as well as maintaining and upgrading bridges and roads, the projects administered by LDDs build the regions' infrastructure for future growth.

Economic Development

Ohio's Local Development Districts also serve the regions as an Economic Development District (EDDs) for the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.

The districts prepare a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) — a local planning process designed to guide the economic growth of an area. It provides a mechanism for coordinating the efforts of individuals, organizations, local governments, and private industry concerned with economic and community development. It is the gateway for accessing EDA funding for infrastructure investments.

The CEDS process works to:

  • create and retain jobs;
  • foster more stable and diversified economies; and
  • improve living conditions.