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Help preserve your local community.

Local government is the 24/7/365 service accessible to community residents. Residents expect their local governments to provide police/fire protection, to prosecute and jail criminals, keep the roads open and safe and trash collected.  Many of these services are supported through the Local Government Fund (LGF).

Ohio returns a portion of state taxes collected to taxpayers in each county, township, city and village through the LGF. The taxes sent back home are used by municipalities, townships, park districts and Ohio’s 88 counties for a wide range of vital services from police, fire and ambulances, to parks and recreation to public health clinics, homeland security and natural disaster response.  In 2010, $590.2 million was sent back home to pay for these critical services.

The LGF provides basic services for every Ohioan.

The future of the LGF and Ohio communities is in jeopardy.

Please see the Press Release for more information.

An information packet has been produced to help local governments inform constituents and representatives about the issue.